At Aviar we look beyond advertising metrics to optimize our customer’s business. By unifying sales, media, operational and financial data across retailers, our technology helps manufacturers achieve their financial goals

More than eCommerce software

Aviar provides interactive analytics and artificial intelligence to make Brand teams smarter, faster and more effective across shopper marketing and online retail.

Aviar’s unique approach helps drive enterprise value through an innovative suite of tools to measure and grow your brand

Aviar OneDash

Interactive, unified business analytics designed for cross-functional teams

Aviar Intelligence

Machine learning advertising optimization to achieve financial objectives

Aviar Curriculum

Knowledge sharing to empower brand teams with strategy and innovation

“Aviar’s OneDash tool provides meaningful analytics on our Amazon business. By using OneDash, we have been able to easily gather insights to react and support our short term priorities and build a data-informed long term plan. The Aviar team is very responsive and supportive – it’s been an excellent partnership that’s benefiting our business.” – Emily Rockwell, Customer Marketing Manager, McCormick & Co.

“MAKE PROFIT ON AMAZON, NOT JUST SALES! Selling on Amazon is complicated and success is not measured by sales…..Between chargebacks, FBA fees, referrals fees, storage and advertising, you must truly understand the entire profit chain.  Aviar’s OneDash allows me to quickly see net profit progress and more importantly the action items on skus that are dragging down the portfolio.  Without One Dash, it would take a full time person to pull reports, analyze data and then have enough skills to determine the changes.  One Dash simplifies a complicated process and helps you improve your business.” – John Cunningham, CEO, Ox Tools US


Aviar promotes brand empowerment by creating an information and technological advantage to help organizations take control of their eCommerce operations and maximize profitability

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